Paving Services

Asphalt Maintenance Services

We not only can pave your new driveway, parking lot or road, but we also specialize in protecting your investment with our asphalt maintenance services. By offering a number of different methods, it is our goal to work with you and explain how to protect your new investment or extend the life of your older pavement. More details of our services are explored below.


Asphalt Repair

Whether it’s a nagging root heave or a deteriorated section of pavement, we are equipped to remove and replace these areas with new asphalt. If your pavement is otherwise in decent shape, this option coupled with some crack seal and seal coat maintenance (see below) may be all you need to preserve and extend the overall life of the asphalt surface.

Crack Sealing

In Central Oregon, asphalt cracks are something every owner will eventually have to deal with. Using the best hot-applied rubberized joint sealant product available and top of the line equipment, our trained professionals can seal off cracks keeping the water from penetrating under your asphalt which can cause it to break up over time.

Seal Coating

Whether you have an existing asphalt driveway, parking lot or road, or just recently had asphalt installed, it’s time to consider seal coating. Our product consists of an emulsified blend of solids weighing 10lbs per gallon that we squeegee apply. This process will protect and extend the life of your investment by slowing down oxidation and shielding it from the Central Oregon elements.

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