Consider The Important Aspects Of A Gravel Driveway Installation

No longer are people just dealing with their dirt driveways that have dips and ruts. These obstacles can cause extreme wear-and-tear on the cars and other vehicles. Unfortunately, selecting asphalt pavement or paver systems are not ideal for some homeowners as the expense may be too much to handle. When people want a more stable driving surface that is easier to have installed and doesn't lead to huge costs, gravel driveways are a unique alternative.

What To Understand About Gravel Driveway Installation

While gravel installation may seem easy to install yourself, there is a very important factor to keep under consideration: drainage. If the driveway is not graded in the correct manner to allow rainwater to be diverted away from the property, the driveway could send the water back toward the foundation of your home. This situation can damage the foundation and lead to water penetrating into your house.

In addition, a poorly graded driveway can allow water to sit in one spot. In time, the gravel will sink as you will need to place more on top to fill in the rut. When you have a paving company properly grade and install the driveway, you won't have any issues about drainage.

Another thing to consider is that the installation of the driveway should ensure that the least amount of gravel becomes displaced by the tires and weight of vehicles passing along the surface. The gravel should be compacted to become a smooth driving surface without dips and hills. While you can expect some displacement, you should not have to constantly rake the gravel back into place every day all because it was not compacted down into a smooth surface.

Gravel comes in different varieties, colors and sizes. So your options are not limited by just regular light gray stones. The driveway will consist of three different sizes: a base gravel layer of large 4-inch stones, a second layer of stones the size of golf balls, and a top layer of stones about the size of a nickel.

Other Maintenance To Consider About Gravel Driveways

When you have a gravel driveway installed, you will also need to deal with weeds and grass growing up between the stones. So you must periodically place down weed killer or herbicide to kill off the plants and prevent them from pushing up to reach the sunlight.

Any time you plan to have a new gravel driveway installed, you should always have the contractor check the grading to ensure there is proper drainage. The driveway can change over time as you may need it graded again to divert the water in the right direction.

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