Tri-County Paving Address Problems With Commercial And Municipal Pavement

Tri-County Paving Company Can Address Paving Issues For Commercial Owners

Municipal roadways, commercial driveways and parking lots go through tons of abuse. The number of vehicles traveling over the surface and delivery trucks bringing in heavy shipments can damage the pavement quickly. Yet the commercial owners and municipal agencies should never just ignore the pavement.

As it gets worse, it can affect how people drive along the surface, causing hazards that the commercial property owners or municipal agencies will be held liable for if someone is injured. Chipped and cracked paving can also be detrimental to business operations, as people may avoid the look of the pavement and take their business elsewhere.

The best way to determine what care and maintenance the driveway or parking lot requires is to seek out professional paving companies. Tri-County Paving offers many services to commercial business owners and municipal agencies so they can have a stable and safe surface for vehicle traffic. We evaluate your asphalt and give you the best options based on the pavement's conditions. Services we may provide include:

Asphalt InstallationAsphalt installation is best for new paving projects and for pavement that is older than 20 years. We can pour down a new driveway, roadway or parking lot to eliminate present issues.

Crack Sealing: Crack sealing is available for new driveways and for driveways that are still in good condition. It will seal in cracks, dips and crumbling areas so the driveway or parking lot becomes as good as new.

Asphalt Overlay: Asphalt overlay is ideal when there are numerous cracks in the driveway where crack sealing wouldn't be recommended, yet a new driveway or parking lot installation isn't required. If the existing asphalt is still in good condition, we will pour another layer of asphalt on top. So you will have a new driveway or parking lot that looks great and will last for many years.

Patchwork Repairs: When there are ruts or potholes in the asphalt, we will perform patchwork to fill in the holes. We can repair driveways, parking lots and municipal roads to create a safe driving surface.

Seal Coating & Maintenance: Keep the surface lasting for a long time with seal coating and maintenance services. Seal coating is a protective layer placed on top of the asphalt that acts as protection to prevent water, chemicals and other hazards from reaching the asphalt surface. If you do develop problems with the driveway or parking lot, we can perform timely maintenance to prevent further damage.

Get your municipal roadways and commercial parking lots looking fantastic with paving services from Tri-County Paving.


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